Durability and Quality in Your Bedding With Natural Latex Mattresses and Beds.

Natural Latex History & Process

NRL Indonesia is a manufacturing 100% natural latex with Dunlop technology and producing with the high quality latex products. Natural Latex is made from natural latex foam. Its elasticity creates a buoyant surface that independently shapes to the body’s movements. Not only does it promote good body posture but also good blood circulation. Latex is known for its durability. It is a good investment that balances quality and superior comfort. Natural Latex are antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites as well as allergens, mold and mildew, providing a comfortable and safe sleeping experience.

Latex foam is a foam that is produced from liquid latex through the vulcanization process. Rubber latex is extracted from Rubber trees and NRL Indonesia is the largest producing of natural rubber production.
The Natural Latex have a perfect use especially for hotels and hospitals, where the user often changes.
Why choose latex? The special things about Latex is:
Value for money, Natural product, Ecological,  renewable resource, Hygienic bacteriological clean, Anti allergic, anti static, washable
Elastic, always retains its shape, Self-ventilating by pinhole channels, Long-lasting (10-15 years)

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Perfect Sleep

Natural Latex Mattress is the best secret in sleeping. Perfectly supports your posture while sleeping, free of harmful substances, resistant to fungi & microbes, has extraordinary durability

Environmentally Friendly

Natural latex is recognized for its’ therapeutic properties, such as its’ ability to provide orthopedic support. It offers optimal posture and lumbar support whilst keeping free of pressure points. This reduces tossing and turning and allows a deeper, more restful sleep. Latex is also hypoallergenic, durable and has thermal qualities. It is porous and therefore breathable, keeping the body cool in summer and warm in winter.
The raw materials are harvested from plantations using a method that allows the trees to live and grow while tapped. This means the trees do not have to be cut down for harvesting. Rubber trees can be tapped for as long as 30 years, while converting CO2 to breathable oxygen, purifying the air and water the whole time.



To helps you to fully relax by contouring your body shape to relieve pressure and provide precise support.

Eco Luxury Latex Natural

Designed with side support technology to provide maximum support for the edge of the mattress.

Pillow Natural Latex Features:
Instantly conforms to contours of head and neck and spine for optimal orthopedic support


Round Natural Latex

Customize the round latex mattress of your dreams for the rest of your life.


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