Characteristic Features Of Natural Latex

The original Latex has the following characteristics:

1. From its appearance, the original latex mattress has a golden yellow color. That’s because the application of the latex purification process that the end result is yellow. When the mattress is whitish yellow, it means the mattress uses synthetic latex.

2. The original latex mattress usually has large holes that function smoothly and ensure the elasticity of mattress elasticity.

3. Try to lift the latex mattress you choose. If it feels light, it means the mattress is not the original latex. The original latex mattress weighs quite heavily and is not easily lifted.

4. The original latex mattress has a side wall system to provide protection so as not to fall mired when moving to the edge of the mattress.

5. Rub the surface of the mattress firmly. If it is easy to fall out, that means. The mattress uses synthetic latex.

6. Synthetic latex mattress is generally more soft and easy to burrow in, while the original latex is more elastic and flexible and has a high density.

7. The original latex mattress is usually packaged by showing the original shape of the latex, if you can not see the original shape or covered with mattress cover it is confirmed that it is foam / foam.

8. High quality latex mattress usually has a zone at the top and bottom, this zone serves to sustain the body to sleep more perfect. If you can not see this zone it is ascertained that this latex mattress is a normal foam or latex with a low quality.

9. Make sure you buy latex that has an official warranty and has a Latex Naturally logo. And some brands already equip themselves with a letter of recognition World Federation of Chiropractic (World Federation of Spinal Doctors) that ensure the quality of the mattress is able to improve the quality of rest.

Types of Latex Mattresses

Based on the ingredients, latex mattresses have various types. Some are made from pure latex, some are mixed. Recognize the shape and character, in order to easily choose the best.

Almost all latex mattresses are labeled “100% Latex” or “Full Latex”. The logo is used because the latex mattress does not use spring (coil). The label was apparently not to show the ingredients. Based on the ingredients, there are three types of latex mattresses. You can choose the type of latex mattress, which suits your needs and budget. To make it easier to choose, you can learn the characteristics of each type of mattress.

Synthetic Latex – Its surface is soft and has small holes. At least contains natural latex. Its composition, 20% natural latex, 80% synthetic material. The price is relatively cheaper than the original latex.

Natural Latex – Color is pale and has large holes. Natural latex content reaches 100%. Being an option because of its long service life. In addition, natural latex is also anti-bacterial and anti allergic.

Bio / Natural Latex – Colored golden yellow, also has large holes. Contains 90% natural latex. Have the best quality. In addition to anti-bacterial and anti allergic, also has excellent elasticity, so as to sustain the body perfectly.