Sandwich Natural Latex 300X300X25 cm

Rp 35.000.000

  • Grade A Natural Latex
  • Cover: Cotton Plain with Zipper
  • Free Delivery
Enjoy The Comfort Of Our Eco Natural Latex Foam Mattress
    • Soft comfort
    • Eco-friendly -100% natural
    • Excellent Support
    • Great Ventilation
    • Hypo allergenic

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The ECO sandwich latex foam contains only 100% natural latex and its manufactured through advance Dunlop technology. Despite being naturally soft it provides adequate support and have high tensile strength and durability. The ECO latex foam structure allows for good ventilation and it possesses the anti microbial properties of natural latex.

Eco Luxury Natural Latex is great for achieving the additional comfort you are seeking without compromising on quality or your health.