Waterproof Pillow Protector Bamboo

Rp 480.000

Pillow protectors are suitable for daily use at home as well as hotels and hospitals.


Pillow protectors sit between your pillow and pillowcase, adding an extra layer of comfort and protecting your pillow from dust mites, getting dirty and any liquids.

Waterproof Bamboo Yarn
Size: 51 x 76 cm

– Cotton (70%)
– Bamboo + PU (30%)

Mattress protectors and sleep accessories made of bamboo fiber are soft and comfortable. In addition to anti-allergic, protective mattress is also waterproof (Polyurethane). Your mattress will be protected from liquid spills, while maximizing your comfort.

Care Instructions:
– Don’t Use Bleach
– Dry Clean or
– Wash with Cold Water (maximum 30 C)
– Make sure your Mattress Protector is completely dry before use