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Orders that you order via the site will be approved when you receive a confirmation from https://balinaturallatex.com. The confirmation will be emailed to you.

Payment of your order can be done by bank transfer that has been appointed by parties https://balinaturallatex.com. The service charge charged to you is in accordance with the total price of the order

Prices of products and shipping services may change as per https://balinaturallatex.com policy without prior notice.

All information about offers, gifts, promotions, products through promotional media or print media can be directly asked to our staff or by email to: baltexnatural@gmail.com.

Payment System from Visa / Master

To provide ease and certainty for customers in transactions on https://balinaturallatex.com, we have now implemented an online payment system when customers purchase products online using the Visa / Master payment system option and all transactions will be processed in currency Indonesian Rupiah.

Our secure payment order process is secure with the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol whereby SSL provides the full security of every customer and the freedom to shop online without any worries about the possibility of stealing credit card information.

Transactions through online payment page

Service System

Booking the product through payment gate away https://balinaturallatex.com can be done every Monday to Friday at 09.00 s / d 17.00. For reservations on Saturdays / Sundays / Holidays and off-hours, items ordered will be entered in the order inbox and will be processed by the next business day.

Each subscriber will be charged a booking fee per transaction whose business is fully regulated by https://balinaturallatex.com

Onsite product redemption of reservations made available may only be served on certain designated store sites.

Cancellation of products that have been ordered can not be done if already entered in the production process.

Online Booking & Payment Procedures

Customers can login first on https://balinaturallatex.com. For customers who have not registered as a user / member must fill out the registration form in advance to be able to login and transact on https://balinaturallatex.com site

After successful login, then the customer can order product online, then fill in ordering information and credit card data on online payment page as follows:

  • Customer name and address
  • The type of card used
  • Visa / Master card and credit card numbers
  • The type and quantity of products ordered
  • Product delivery / shipping address

After successfully ordering the product on the online payment page, then proceed with the approval of online transactions that have been successfully done.

Subscriber is required to click Disclaimer (“I accept …) before making online payment approval of the terms and conditions imposed by https://balinaturallatex.com

The subscriber pays as a willingness and approval of the booking transaction at the transaction value, indicated by the consent of the debiting card-processing bank.

  1. Customer is then required to complete payment and if payment transaction has been successfully done, we will send payment receipt by e-mail to the e-mail address stated in buyer’s personal data within 1 (one) day after payment process completed.

Customers are required to keep a proof of payment if at any time required in the payment confirmation process.

All transactions will be processed within 1 x 24 hours.

https://balinaturallatex.com reserves the right to refuse a customer’s transaction if it is deemed inappropriate.

Customers can also make manual payment by transfer to the bank listed on the check out page and confirm payment on Payment Confirmation option.

For now credit cards that can be processed are credit cards issued by banks located in Indonesia.

Product Delivery

Delivery of product will be done after NATURAL LATEX INDONESIA receives payment confirmation via Payment Confirmation (on home page of the site) for transaction made by customer max 1×24 hours of workday. Customers can find out the order status by using the option in Order History located on My Profile right side (customer is requested to log in first)

Delivery may be made on the same day if product order and payment confirmation to https://balinaturallatex.com before 10.00 am (business day). This applies to phone bookings for the Jakarta area and for small items only.

  1. Product shipping cost will be charged to the customer. The cost mechanism is fully tailored to the cost of the courier service used, and it is free of charge

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