Violand® | Branded Mattress

We originally sold blended latex foam because we could sell it at a lower price point and could source it from a factory in Indonesia. We eventually came to the conclusion that our customers had much more interest in our 100% natural latex foam. We also strongly preferred to sell our customers 100% natural latex foam because we knew it was a much better product.

We found that occasionally customers were simply buying blended latex from us because they did not fully understand the difference and wanted to save a little bit of money. In the end, we decided that while synthetic latex or blended latex has some merit, we have a much stronger belief in the merits of 100% natural latex foam. We felt that we were selling our customers short by selling them a product, that while a little cheaper, was very clearly inferior.

We made a commitment to only sell 100% natural latex foam products. We wanted to make it completely clear to our customers how strongly we believed in 100% natural latex foam. We also wanted our customers to be completely confident that when they are buying from us, they are buying only 100% natural latex foam products.