Liquid Natural Latex 60%

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Natural Latex 60% is a liquid latex with the highest solidity with optimal performance could be built with the certain processes.

Natural Latex 60% is suitable to be used by variuos industries, such as bag producers, shoe, and furniture that would be functioned as an adhesive.


Controlled from even the collection of fresh field latex from small holders, concentrated latex is pure and is one of the most clean raw material in terms of rubber. Fresh field latex is preserved with added chemicals and centrifuged to obtain a concentrated latex of 60% DRC (dry rubber contents). Ammonia is added during the process to enhance the preservation of latex but depending on specific requirements of the customer, various degrees are added to the concentrated latex.

Component Composition:
Rubber latex: 60 – 65 %
Ammonia: < 0,85 %
Water: 20 – 30 %

Appearance and Odor: White liquid, Ammonia odor
Specific Gravity: 1,0 + 0,1 g/mL
pH: Max. 11,5
Total Solid Content (TSC): Min. 61,00 %
Dry Rubber Content (DRC): Min. 60,00 %
Ammonia Rubber (NH3): Min. 0,60%
Non Rubber Content: Max. 2,00%
Volatile Fatty Acid Number (VFA): Max. 0,20%
KOH Number: Max. 1,00

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